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About Us

GenesisIQ Ltd. was born out of a desire to bring leading edge solutions and intelligent thinking to challenges. Let us be the Genesis of new intelligent solutions that fits your needs.

We specialize in a wide range of services including Mapping\GIS, Government Applications, First Nations Consultation and Negotiations, Road Use Applications, 3D and Sub-surface Data Modelling, Environmental Assessment, Mitigation and Risk Analysis.

We use state of the art Azure Cloud based computers that are easily scalable to meet any needs. With our infrastructure and experienced remotely based staff we offer lower costs with the least downtime. Our staff is highly responsive and committed to our clients.

Our Services


Exceptional design, mapping and plan drafting. State of the art ESRI ArcGIS, AutoCAD, Surfer software. Web mapping and Field Data Collection tools. Borehole logs and cross-sections.

Automation/ Applications Development

Automate repetitive tasks. Create software applications to solve custom process challenges. AI and Machine Learning. Enterprise ArcGIS user focused software development and services.

First Nations Consultation and Negotiation

Preliminary investigations and recommendations. Application submissions and management. Communication tracking and progress reports. Contract negotiations and conflict resolution.

Project Applications and Regulatory Compliance

Environmental compliance and seismic exploration applications. Municipal Authorizations and Environmental Assessments. Public Lands Act Disposition and Temporary Field Authority applications.

Automated Road Use/ Crossing Mapping and Request Process

An industry leading semi-automated process for acquiring road use and crossing approvals. Proven reduction in operator response and approval times. Reduce the risk and potential impacts of delayed field operations.

Environmental Remediation and Reclamation Assessments

Phase 1 & 2 Environmental Site Assessments. Liability and Risk Assessments. Sub-surface modelling and contaminant visualization. Soil and Groundwater Monitoring Programs.

Surveying/Utility Location

Lidar and Imagery capture. Utility locating. GPS surveys and field data collection. Information management and integration.

Wildlife Conservation and Management

Wildlife habitat suitability studies. Monitoring and migration studies.

Air Quality Sciences

Modelling and impact assessments. Oil sands emissions monitoring and reporting. Monitoring network analysis and recommendations.

Supported Industries

Oil and Gas

Environmental Site Assessments. Risk and Liability Assessments. Modelling and contaminant visualization.


Forest health surveys & management. Forest management optimization. Data collection, map analytics and remote sensing.


EIA support and Regulatory Approvals. Modelling, site drafting and records management. Stakeholder consultation.


Imagery analysis. Habitat suitability indexes and mapping. Wildlife impact assessments.


Analysis, exploration and artifact potential models. Mapping and Lidar surveys. Spatial data management.


Route planning. Infrastructure field checks. Reports for land acquisitions.


Environmental Site Assessments. Soil and Groundwater monitoring and reporting. Asset acquisition support and assessing liabilities.

Air Quality

Oil Sands Air Quality Monitoring Programs. Monitoring network assessments and recommendations. Data analytics and reporting.

Company Infrastructure

State-of-the-art computers

Microsoft azure cloud computing

Incremental backup system

Large format printing

Report printing and binding

Web mapping