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Our Services

GIS, Mapping and Drafting

  • Exceptional design, mapping and plan drafting

  • Award winning cartography
  • State of the art ESRI ArcGIS, AutoCAD and Surfer Software
  • Web mapping and field data collection tools
  • Borehole logs
  • Cross-sections
  • 3D modeling

  • Data subscriptions for Alberta dispositions, well, pipelines and more

Surveying and Utility Locating

  • We offer a wide range of ground and aerial surveying and locating services

  • Aircraft and drone Lidar/Imagery capture

  • Pipeline and utility locating

  • GPS surveys and field data collection

  • Asset surveys

  • Information management and integration

Automation and Application Development

  • Automate repetitive tasks

  • Create applications to solve process challenges

  • AI and machine learning

  • Data analytics

  • Enterprise ArcGIS user focused software development and services

  • Route creation and automation

Road Use and Crossing Agreements

  • Industry leading semi-automated process

  • Customized applications for each Operator

  • Faster response and approval times

  • Cost and risk reduction

First Nations Consultation and Negotiation

  • Preliminary assessments and recommendations

  • Government application submission and management

  • Communications tracking and progress reports

  • Contract negotiations and conflict resolution

  • Coordinate with Bands and Elders to map traditional sites

  • Assist managing industrial activities on Reserve and potential impacts on traditional sites and land use

Project Applications and Regulatory Compliance

  • Environmental compliance and seismic exploration applications

  • Various authorizations and assessments including Municipal, Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, Public Lands Act Dispositions and Temporary Field Authority applications

Environmental Remediation, Reclamation and Risk Assessments

  • Phase 1 & 2 Environmental Site Assessments

  • Liability and Risk assessments

  • Sub-surface modelling and contaminant visualization

  • Soil and groundwater monitoring programs

  • Assist managing industrial activities on Reserve and potential impacts on traditional sites and land use

Wildlife Conservation and Management

  • Wildlife habitat suitability studies

  • Wildlife monitoring programs and mapping

  • Migration studies

Air Quality Sciences

  • Modelling and environmental impact assessments

  • Oil sands emissions monitoring and reporting

  • Monitoring network analysis and recommendations

Emergency Response Planning

  • Stakeholder meetings and database management

  • ERP mapping and report preparation

  • Large format printing and report binding