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Supported Industries

Oil and Gas

Phase 1 & 2 Environmental Site Assessments. Detailed Quantitative, Risk and Liability Assessments. Sub-surface modelling and contaminant visualization. Soil and Groundwater Monitoring Programs


Forest health surveys & management. Project implementation and supervision. Maximizing the value of timber assets while reducing costs.  Improve forest management with solutions for data collection, map analytics, and remote sensing.


Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and Regulatory Approvals. 3D modelling, web-based mapping, site drafting and records management. Stakeholder consultation.


Imagery analysis. Habitat suitability indexes and mapping. Wildlife impact assessments.


Tools for analysis and exploration, we create and produce Archaeological potential models, Mapping Reports, and Lidar surveys. Spatial data management as well as identification of microtopographic landform features.


Route planning. Infrastructure field checks using ESRI field collection tools. Phase 1 reports for land acquisitions. Data management and applications development.


Environmental Site Assessments. Soil and Groundwater monitoring and reporting. Pre-disturbance assessments. Vegetation and rare plant surveys. Asset acquisition support and assessing liabilities.

Air Quality

Oil Sands Air Quality Monitoring Programs. Provincial and Federal reporting support. Monitoring network assessments and recommendations.